Beth Hensperger - The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook

Here are my notes on the recipes in The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook, by Beth Hensperger. I'm using a Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine.  The numbers in parentheses are the page numbers for the recipes.  I measure the flour by weight—4.5 oz. for all-purpose, and 5 oz. for pretty much everything else.
  • Irish Potato Brown Bread (117): The potato flakes make this a lighter loaf. I ignore the admonition, and use the delay timer.
  • Flax Seed Whole Wheat Bread (118): A sweeter loaf, and the flax seed makes me feel virtuous.
  • Lou's Daily Bread (110): Fantastic. I substitute 40 g dry milk and 1.5 c water for the milk, and then I use the delay timer.
  • Swedish Rye Bread (136): The fennel seed and orange zest add some great flavors to this bread.  The orange zest is clearly present, but more subtle than in Lou's Daily Bread. I tried it using the quick basic setting, with medium crust, but I think light crust would be better.
  • Scandinavian Light Rye (134): Another light rye, this one featuring caraway seeds.  Went with quick basic / light crust.
  • Old-Fashioned Sesame-Wheat Bread (112): This was fine, but I need to try it again to remember the details. I substitute 1-7/8 c water and 17 g dry milk for the water/milk (2 lb loaf), and use the delay timer.
  • Soft Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls (109): These are nice, but it makes a ton of rolls. I substituted yogurt for about half of the sour cream.