Law School and the Bar Exam

Those were the days...

A bunch of 1Ls taking a study break during our first semester (well, we were definitely taking a break... I can't really say for certain that we had been studying at all...).

Carlos' Room, Manville Hall
Fall 1995

Venezia Restaurant
May 1997

Right before we dispersed to various parts of the country for our post-2L summer jobs, my friends and I went out to dinner at Venezia in Berkeley.

One of the best experiences I had in law school was as a member of the Berkeley Women's Law Journal.

BWLJ Banquet, Zza's Restaurant
May 1998

Chez Panisse Restaurant
May 1998

A few days before graduation—before our relatives arrived in town—a bunch of us...

...treated ourselves to dinner at Chez Panisse, the birthplace of California cuisine.

No More Exams!

Trader Vic's Restaurant
May 23, 1998

After the graduation ceremony, a bunch of us newly-minted JDs celebrated with our families. We made Dave Petersen offer a toast on behalf of all of us.

Here's another picture from our graduation dinner at Trader Vic's.

Trader Vic's Restaurant,
May 23, 1998

At the Bar, after the Bar Exam
July 30, 1998

On July 28, 29 & 30, 1998, far too many of my friends and I were forced to endure that peculiar form of torture known as the bar exam. Mere minutes after the exam concluded, the bar across the street was full of lawyer wannabes. After about an hour of drinking intoxicating beverages, several of us stumbled out onto the sidewalk for this picture. (Most of us then meandered our way down the street to a restaurant, where we ate dinner and drank a wee bit more... then we got a ride from a sober friend to another bar where we continued our celebrations....)